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Climate and geography

ykthorseClimate of Yakutia is very severe. It differs severely continental climate. During the below zero average yearly temperature the absolute amplitude of temperature exceeds 100C, i.e., more than anyplace. In the territory of Republic is situated the cold pole of the Northern hemisphere. Here has been fixed -72C. Very short and warm summer in Yakutia.

Thank to long duration of day clarity and dryness of air the articulate areas of central Yakutia reminds in amount of warmth receiving in July, June Tashkent. Thank to riches of warmth and shine during the summer months vegetation of plants have time to end up relatively short frost-free period, nevertheless from harmful for agricultural crops frosts during the summer months doesn’t guarantee none of districts of republic. Rainfall distribution annually is unfavorable. Most of it fall out on July and August, while the spring is dry.


Winter in Yakutia is long-term, with strong frosts. Severe environmental conditions promote almost universal development here thicknesses multi-year frozen breeds. Its top border settles down depending on a local environment on different, but in general, to small depth, and the bottom border – on depth of 100-600 m. In a number of areas frozen breeds contain underground ice which promotes forming specific taiga-alaas landscapes and landscapes of many lakes in a significant amount. For the republic nature unique cryogenic processes and the phenomena are characteristic. Multi-year frozen breeds are the major accessory source of a water food of plants in the conditions of a droughty Yakutia climate. At the same time they cause necessity of application of special acceptances of development of territory. In particular, for prevention of destructive deformations stone houses here are under construction on piles.


The gross area of Yakutia territory constitutes 3103,2 thousand in km?. Thus, Yakutia — the largest administrative and territorial unit in the world and, accordingly, the largest subject of the Russian Federation.

1009Yakutia is located in a northeast part of Siberia. Borders in the east on Chukchi autonomous region, the Magadan area, in the southeast — with Khabarovsk territory, in the south — with the Amur region and Transbaikalian edge, in the southwest — with the Irkutsk region, in the west — with Krasnoyarsk region, in the north of its natural boundaries form Laptev seas and East-Siberian. General extent of a sea coastal line exceeds 4,5 thousand km.


Yakutia — one of the most river and lake regions of Russia. General extent of all its rivers constitutes about 2 million km, and their potential hydropower resources are estimated almost in 700 billion KW. The largest navigable rivers: Lena, Vilyui, Olenek, Aldan, Kolyma, Indigirka, Olekma, Anabar and Yana. In republic territory there are large lakes — Bustah, Labynkyr etc.