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Prehistoric and prerussian periods

By archeologists it is established that the ancient person has occupied Yakutia already in an early paleolith. Then there were the first archaeological monuments dated within the limits from 300 thousand to 3 million years ago. The most known and well studied from them, it нижнепалеолитическая (paleolithic) dwelling site of Diring-Jurjah which is located on the average a watercourse of Lena. Sensational finds of the Yakut archeologists under the direction of J.A.Mochanova on the site of Diring-Jurjah have allowed to come out with the assumption that forming of people of modern type has begun here 3,2 — 1,8 million years ago. Truth such early age of Diring-Jurjahsky stone tools yet hasn't received the convincing proof. While the most ancient archeological finds are dated 300 thousand years.

Yakutia is as part of Russian Federation


In the first quarter of a XVII-th century Cossacks-pathfinder have reached coast of Lena. Based by Russian wintering and jails: Yakutsk, Zhigansk, Verkhoyansk, Zashiversk, Srednekolymsk, etc. became advanced posts of promotion of Russian colonists on the northeast of Asia, the Far East and on the northwest of America.

In 1632 on the right coast of Lena the Yakut jail which has begun the future city of Yakutsk, nowadays to capital of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) has been pledged. This date is considered date of joining of Yakutia in a railroad train of the Russian state. In 1638 has been formed the Yakut district later renamed to the Yakut province (1775) and the Yakut area (1784) Irkutsk province. In a XVIII-th century has occurred mass Christinization of native persons of edge.

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Yakut ASSR

300px-Yakutsk_oblastnoe_pravlenie The Soviet period of history of Yakutia is connected with large-scale industrial development of its natural riches, the beginning to which was put by development in 1920th years of gold-bearing Aldan deposits. In 1930th years operation of Northern sea way, to the mouth of the river Lena has begun the seaport of Tiksi has been constructed; navigable and air lines have connected earlier remote areas of republic. In 1950th years with opening of diamondiferous deposits in the west of republic the powerful diamond-mining industrial infrastructure has been created.

Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

The new stage in the Yakutia history has begun on September, 27th, 1990 when with active support of the population of republic the Declaration on the state sovereignty has been proclaimed. In October, 1991 the post of the president of republic has been founded. Michael Nikolaev became the first president in December, 1991. Then the republic name on Republic Sakha (Yakutia) has been changed.

From the beginning of 1990th years in republic transition to market economy in the tideway of the all-Russian processes was performed. As a result of division of the property, liberalization of the prices, privatizations of the enterprises have occurred cardinal changes in the social and economic device and relations of production. Now development of economy of republic is more and more determined by different patterns of ownership, influence of market regulators, introduction of market mechanisms.