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Lena Fedorova, Shanghai – Yakutsk, July 2010

Source: Russian House of Future


This project to create ultramodern scientific technologies urban cluster-complex on development, promotion, approbation and commercialization of innovative technologies for the building and arrangement city settlements creating and serving infrastructure of northeast regions of Russia. Urban cluster will be given a name «Olonkhoand» of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

As is known on 31st of December 2009 the President of Russian Federation Dmitriy Medvedev issued an instruction №889 – working draft «About a working group on project development of creation of territorially isolated complex for development of researches and developments and commercialization of their results». The complex is created in residential location territory New Ivanovo, near to the village Skolkovo, in east part of Odintsovo area of Moscow Region. Project cost is estimated in 4-6 billion dollars. In 2010 for the project on support of the project and designing it is planned to spend 4 billion roubles.

As a matter of experience created complex of Skolkovo,  «Olonkholand» is offered to create under a complex a special economic zone of tourists-recreational type in the city territory of Yakutsk. The decree about the project «Olonkholand» with instructions of the status, a place of realization, terms of entering of the concept, the realization plan has been signed by the President of Republics of Sakha (Yakutia) V.A.Shtyrov on April, 26th, 2010.

Conceptual difference of the project «Olonkholand» from a complex «Skolkovo», most likely, consists that in the Yakut project concrete purposeful development and application on a place of innovative technologies for building urban cluster of the creative industry in the conditions of the Far North, a permafrost with visual and ideological expression of traditional culture, history, civilizational values both the living people, and the territory is planned.

Thus, it is necessary to connect stored experience and developments of Yakut Research Centre of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, Northeast Federal University named after M.K.Ammosov, Academy of Science of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), domestic and world experience of creation of the creative industry, creative economy.

At development of the innovative project «Olonkholand» is also has planned obligatory studying of experience of creation of a Silicon Valley (the Silicon Valley) in the State of California (USA), different big density of the hi-tech companies, an innovative zone «Highway 128» in the northeast USA round Harward and MIT, predecessors Sillicon valley, technological park Sofia Antipolicy in the northwest Antibes and in the southwest Nice in France, the center of an innovative zone — university Technion in the city of Haifa in Israel, Malaysian «future cities» by Cyberjaya in suburb of Kuala Lumpur, etc.

Today all over the world speak about «creative economy» more and more, in which the main motive power creativity and wide involving of citizens in process of creative self-realization is. Development of creative economy becomes a new call for Russia aspiring to innovations. In our country where the role of the state as a regulator of all public and economic relations traditionally dominates, questions of interaction of culture, business and the public with the power is especially subtle.

The power task – to create conditions for development of creativity and innovations, to regulate activity and to perform the control. But art and creativity can't be regulated and supervised. The state can create an infrastructure, but can't create new ideas. Flexibility and variability of the creative environment does by its more mobile, than power structures, for creative economy very often availability of the creative environment is more important, than availability of rules. It forces to speak about necessity of search of new administrative approaches for development of creative economy.

The ministry of culture and spiritual development Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) within the limits of the project implementation plan «Olonkholand», intends to conduct scientifically-practical conferences, master classes, sessions on a theme of the creative industry and creative economy with the invitation of domestic and foreign specialists. The first scientifically-practical conference of republican level devoted to judgement of tasks and the purposes of the innovative project «Olonkholand» is conducted on June, 4-5th of this year. In conference have taken part more than 60 scientists, engineers, economists, art workers and art, representatives of business circles, the republic public.

Conference has shown that the public has accepted ideas of the project, was inspired by them and is ready to take the most active part in its realization.

Participants of conference were uniform in opinion that creation in the conditions of a permafrost of the project and model of an innovative urban cluster with the modernized creative economy aimed at preserving and propagation traditional civilizational values, for the purpose of the further binding of projects of such cities and settlements on all territory of the Northeast, is preventive measure for preserving and protection of geoculture, provision of a homeland security of the Russian state.

Offers to development design of the concept

The project design concept «Olonkholand» assumes following aspects which are necessary for considering at complex designing.

  1. The Southeast part should be as much as possible opened and free. The horizon should be looked through – with beams of a rising sun during a reception ceremony algys «divine souls» — Ayii arrive in the average world. Algyschit and Ayii, bringing algys nothing should disturb. I.e. high-rise, blocking objects basically shouldn't be on the southeast party.
  2. On canons of sacral territory the northwest party is the Middle World. Where the world of people is arranged. The north is designated by image of world mountain – a ritual yurta of Mokhol Urasa over which North star, a gold hitching post shines.
  3. The road leading in the Upper World by a direction the north-south or the east West, is designated by avenue from 9 decorated salama hitching posts serge and landing along avenue of young birches – chechir. In the east or the south from avenue settles down accurately expressed kholumtan – an altar for fire kindling. In the avenue center Tojon Serge — the center of sacral territory is put. It a world tree of Aal Luuk Mas.
  4. In the west or the north the avenue comes to an end with ritual construction kumis tysylge. On the left side of kumis tysylge settle down taking communion — the participants of ceremony receiving Algys The sacral territory shouldn't be given to events, it can serve exclusively ritual ceremonies. Proceeding from agreed conclusions on time of carrying out of the basic celebrations.
  5. All «wordly» actions occur on the middle world – in the northwest territory.

I.e. the complex territory «Olonkholand» should be divided consistently into three parts along a line of a rising sun the east-west or the south-north, when the high sun.

1) the Upper world. It is a ritual complex «Alaas» for a sun meeting. On the southeast part of territory.

2) the Middle world – where there are wordly actions – rest, the holidays, the dramatized actions. The central part of territory.

3) the Under world – the northwest. Where there can be underground actions – to settle down a parking of machines, bank vaults, glaciers for products, scientific researches, forge, productions, business incubators etc.