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«Olonkholand» is supposed to build complex of objects tourists recreative, cultured spiritual, scientific educational, scientific and production, financial business and experimental settlement principles.


1) scientifically-educational — Yakut State University,

2) is administrative-historical — Zalog,

3) film industrial and telecommunication – base of Sakhafilm,

4) innovative-production – on the further side of the channel,

5) recreational-park also it is entertaining – on the further side of the river,

6) innovative-settlement – with warehouses,

7) business incubator — base of Yakut State Agricultural Academy.

8) aquapark – the lake of Saysari.

The international Center Olonkho with scientific archive and library, a museum and laboratory of Olonkho, exhibition hall, theatrically-concert premises, simposium hall, an ethnographic complex becomes the central object of a cultural-ethnographic zone «Alaas» of «Olonkholand» complex.

All zones should be sustained in uniform conceptual the design and architecture decision.

Offered zone's names of a complex

1. A culturological complex «Alaas» (the Native valley) – the central zone of a complex, a radio center field, 67 sq.

The zones located round a complex «Alaas»:

2. The Scientifically-educational zone «Bilii khchoto» («knowledge Valley»), 66 sq. – Northeast Federal University named after M.K.Ammosov

3. The is administrative-historical zone «Salamta» («Management»), sq. Zalog.

4. Film industrial, telecommunication zone «Kyordyoryor-ihitinnerer Olonkho Doiduta» («Speaks and shows Olonkholand»), Sakhafilm, «Lena» cinema, (sq. Zalog)

5. The is innovative-production zone «Kudaj Bakhsy» ("   "), overflowing zone.

6. Recreational-park and entertaining «Uyorjuju charana» («bluff of happiness»), sq. 6,7,8, sites over the flowing.

7. The is innovative-settlement zone «Kyrdal» («Sunny side»), sq. 11 warehouses.

8. The Business incubator of «Dzhesegei», hippodrome and Yakut State Agricultural Academy.

9. An aquapark of Sajsary — the lake of Sajsary.

International Centre of Olonkho of «Olonkholand» should become the tourist center of the international value. As well as other centers of civilizations, cultures — the Egyptian, American Indian, Sumerian pyramids, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist temple complexes, architectural masterpieces, world museums etc. became the centers of the international tourism round which the tourist industries of the different countries have developed also, and a complex «Olonkholand» should become the center of the international tourism in a northeast part of Russia round which should develop tour-industry of Yakutia.