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Videofilm «Welcome to Olonkholand»

20 октября 2010

The plot of the presentation videofilm «Olonkholand»

Universal Exhibition EXPO-2010, Shanghai

«Better city, better life»

The message of the movie: to settle the Earth is the celestial mission of a man.

City of the future is the harmony of tradition and modern technologies.

The joy in the Living Edens is the motto of happy cities.

The plot of videofilm is based on motive of yakut epos – olonkho «Ayr Sogotokh» (Lonely Man).

The film begins with shots of an UFO furrowing space – the spaceship with the baby onboard. It is Ayr Sogotokh (Lonely Man), sent with the Upper World for arrangement of settlement, human race origin. The ship lands on the Earth.

It is ice age. The UFO makes attempts to land. In places of landings there are thawed patches, valleys – alaas. In one of thawed patches UFO leaves a baby, Ayr Sogotokh. As the epic hero he grows quickly and observes how blossoms his alaas in the middle of which the World Tree grows – Aal Luuk Mas. He is on the anxious seat – who is he, where comes from and for what. He apostrophizes to Aal Luuk Mas.

The spirit-genius Aan Alakhchyn Khotun appears from the World Tree and says: «You – are the bogatyr Ayr Sogotoh (knight) have sent from the sky. You have sent from above to populate the Earth, to arrange the settlement, for the reproduction of human».

Having known about the mission, he tames a horse. Goes to a heroic campaign to extract his betrothed. Crosses high ridges, he discovers winter by snow, summer by rain, flies the fiery sea. Reaches to wonderful alaas where from the sky in the form of a bird – white crane, the beautiful girl, his betrothed Khotuna comes down. It gives him a symbol of a man's power – silver whip.

Together with his wife he comes back to his alaas. Ayr Sogotokh arrange a settlement, a sacral complex – tysylge, a ritual yurta Mogul Urasa. In the center of yurt he asperse kumis, he is in the act of praying — algys. During the praying sees other alaas – valleys with sacral constructions — Stonehenge, Arkaim, Temple of Heaven.

He sees the future of his valley, as an incantation he repeats words: «… let the  crystal palaces be raised from Khangalassky cape to Tabaginsky cape as the started up arrows will rely direct roads, happy children will be born, the human race will be continued»

From the south, winterings ground of white cranes and stops of cranes, from where comes bogatyr in olonkho, flight of birds of passage flies. It flies to nest back home – in the north, migrate a great Chinese wall, flies over the Siberian rivers.

The sacred bird of Yakut people white crane flies by over a yurt of Ayr Sogotokh. Children And children are born, alaas is filled with children's laughter. Children from a yurt run to tysylge where father arranges kumis festival (fermented mare’s milk) Ysyakh and arranges algys.

Tysylge of time circles and brings in this latter days.

Valley of Tuymaada, lake Saysary. Complex «Olonkho Doyduta» in Yakutsk city. National holiday Ysyakh, ceremony of algys, ritual round dance Osuokhay.

The complex is full of green, happy people sing, dance. Buildings are modern, palaces are as crystal, roads are as arrows.

The international Center of Olonkho, on the stage of Olonkho Theatre’s scene at three levels – in three worlds, goes performance of Olonkho, in a crystal yurt — Mogul Urase narrates Olonkhosut (griot), on walls of theater-yurt are pictures from Olonkho, over the Olonkhosut and spectators is starry cope of the sky.

Innovative settlement on a platform, under domed structures, electro transport, magnetic train.

From the lake in alaas the UFO – the spaceship takes off, flies away in starry sky along its traces appear north-east luminous settlements – cities of future.